Chestnuts and pain des morts: this is Halloween in Corsica

  • Published: 6-10-2015
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Halloween in Corsica

When you say Halloween, the first thing that comes to your mind is the catchphrase “trick or treat”. Corsica still prefer to call it All Saints’ Day, as tradition requires. And according to this tradition, this day is celebrated by eating two specialties of the island of beauty: chestnuts and pain des morts.

The chestnuts – Or, if you prefer, châtaignes in French. Several families of Corsica still maintain the tradition of leaving the chestnuts on the windowsills. The chestnuts are harvested in the middle of autumn and the fruit of the “tree of life” (as they call it in Corsica) is prepared in many different ways: roasted chestnuts, bread with chestnuts, chestnut cake, porridge with chestnuts.

Pain des morts – Literally, “Bread of the Dead”. It is one of the most representative specialties of All Saints’ Day in Corsica. Pain des morts (present also in other cultures) is a sort of cake made with raisins and nuts. You can find it in the local markets and bakeries.

During the days of Halloween, the streets of the most beautiful villages of Corsica are pervaded by the fragrances of chestnut cakes and pain des morts: an unforgettable experience not only for the eyes but also for the palate.


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