The honey of Corsica: 6 flavors to discover the isle of beauty

Corsica honey

Holiday means for you (also) tasting the typical products of the zones you are visiting. You’ll spend your holidays in Corsica, the isle of beauty, which will let you discover one of its most characteristic flavor: we’re talking about the honey, which is prepared following the rules of an ancient tradition.


The varieties

These are the 6 principal varieties of  DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) honey of Corsica:

  • Miel de Printemps: with a golden color, a floral flavor without acidity
  • Miel de Maquis de Printemps: with an amber color, it has a delicate flavor of caramel and cocoa
  • Miellats du maquis: with a really dark color, it has a persistent flavor of licorice, caramel and mature fruit
  • Miel de Maquis d’Eté: with an amber color, it has a really soft flavor
  • Châtaigneraie: with an intense amber color, it has a really strong flavor and markedly acide
  • Maquis d’automne: with a bright yellow color, it’s a honey with a strong and bitter flavor


What makes the honey of Corsica so special?

It’s a mix of different factors:

  • The nature: it’s the endemic vegetation of Corsica that makes the flavor of its honey unique.
  • The Corsicans bees: a little and industrious worker.
  • Finally, the men: the production of honey in Corsica it’s based on a tradition that has its roots in an ancient past.

It’s the combination of these three elements that let the honey of Corsica receive the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin).


Where to eat the honey of Corsica?

You can find the DOP honey of Corsica in numerous towns. In particular,  the production is concentrated in these four zones:

·         The so-called “finger of Corsica

·         On the north-west coast (between Calvi and Ile-Rousse)

·         In Ajaccio

·         In the Central Eastern side of the isle


More information

For further information about the honey of Corsica (complete list of the varieties and the places where you can eat the real DOP honey), you can visit the official site of the Syndicat AOP Miel de Corse,


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