How to get to Strait of Bonifacio. And admire a wonderful panorama

how to get to Strait of Bonifacio


The name Strait of Bonifacio indicates the strait that separates Corsica from Sardinia, and the strait is only 11 kilometers wide at the narrowest point. And it’s a must-see places during every holiday on this island. Precisely for this reason, you want to know how to get there and enjoy the spectacle of the white cliffs overlooking a fabulous sea.


Get there from Bonifacio

It is the best way to get to the Strait. Bonifacio, in fact, is one of the main port where the ferries to Corsica dock. From here, you have two great choices:

  • From the citadel of Bonifacio you can enjoy a breathtaking view;
  • Every day, several boat trips bring visitors to discover the Strait.


Get there from Sardinia

The Strait of Bonifacio can also be reached from Sardinia. In particular, from Santa Teresa di Gallura, several ferries depart to the city of Bonifacio.


A little “taste”

If you need to know how to get to the Strait of Bonifacio, you probably know that it is a unique place. However, if you just need another good reason, you can look at these pictures.


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