How is Corsica? Find it out in this way [GALLERY]

how is CorsicaIt is often said that images are more engaging than words. Perhaps it is not always true. But in this case, yes. Do you want to know how is Corsica, considering that it will probably be  the destination of your next holiday? A beautiful, suitable for tourists, efficient, clean and cozy island.

Your vacation begins here. With the travel pictures of the 10 most beautiful places in Corsica. From north to south, from east to west. Passing through ancient and picturesque cities, villages perched on the hills, forests and rivers, even deserts.

Then there are the beaches, among the most beautiful of Corsica. Places like Rondinara and Palombaggia cannot miss. Paradisiacal destinations, ideal for a relaxing holiday, or a journey dedicated to snorkeling and diving.

The list of ten most beautiful places of Corsica is this:

  1. Ile-Rousse
  2. Agriates
  3. Castagniccia
  4. Ghisoni
  5. Ajaccio
  6. Sanguinaires Islands
  7. Scandola
  8. Palombaggia
  9. Rondinara
  10. Strait of Bonifacio

That is, there’s no better way to say how is Corsica: ten images that are worth a thousand words. You can be sure that Corsica is exactly as you have just seen. And it is waiting for you.


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