How long to visit Corsica? We give you 5 good solutions

how long to visit Corsica

After you have decided which is the destination of the next vacation, it is one of the first questions that come to mind. Because, on one hand, you have to organize the trip. On the other, you want to be sure to see the most beautiful places. So, your question is this: how long to visit Corsica?


1. One day

Twenty-four hours are, frankly, very few to visit a place whose nickname is “the island of beauty”. In this case, visit one of the Corsican towns. In particular, one of these two:


2. Three days

Three days are still few, but it’s better than one (obvioulsy). To see Corsica in three days, we suggest an itinerary in three stages: Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio and Ajaccio. So you can enjoy the best that Corsica can offer, from the beaches to the city.

This itinerary is along the southern coast and the western coast. Alternatively, there is another itinerary along the northern coast: in this case, the three stages of the itinerary are Bastia, Ile-Rousse and Calvi.


3. One week

The solutions are several. If you are planning a seven-days vacation to Corsica, we have six different itineraries suitable for you, from hiking to relaxation. You just have to choose the favorite one.


4. Ten days

Once again, the solutions should be several. But we, particularly, want to propose one. Since you have ten days available and you like traveling, you could see the ten most beautiful places of Corsica: from north to south, you will visit paradisiacal beaches, ancient towns, small villages on the mountains.


5. Two weeks

According to many, it’s the ideal duration of a holiday. You can combine some of the itineraries that we have proposed. Or you can spend a pleasant vacation to Corsica with children: among beaches and amusement parks, the things to do with the kids don’t lack.


So, have you decided how long to visit Corsica? Now you just have to choose one of these five solutions.


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