Ferry to Corsica: how to sleep during the journey

how to sleep on the ferry to Corsica

The journey by ferry to Corsica can take a while: depending on the port of departure and on the port of arrival, from four to eight hours. And you’d like to travel at night, to not miss even one day of the holiday. And, for this reason, you need to know how to sleep during the trip.

There are three main solutions.


1. Book a cabin

The solution that we recommend you. On the ferries, in fact, there are several cabins perfectly equipped to make you spend a comfortably night on a bed. So, the next morning, you will be perfectly rested and ready to start your holiday in the best way.

This solution, in particular, is practically necessary if:


2. Book a seat

Booking a seat is one of the tips to save money while booking the ferry trip to Corsica. Depending on the ferry, the seats may be stiff (similar to train seats) or padded (certainly more comfortable).

  • If the journey takes four hours, the seat can be a good solution to try to sleep for a couple of hours.
  • If, instead, the journey takes eight hours, the seat isn’t the best solution to sleep.


3. Book the ferry-deck seat

The third solution is, well, the less recommended (and the most uncomfortable). By booking a ferry-deck seat, in practice, you will spend the whole journey on the outer deck of the ship and to try to sleep you will have to have a certain propensity for adaptation.


Finally, talking about how to sleep on the ferries to Corsica, we need to clear up a misunderstanding: during the journey, you cannot sleep on the vehicle (such as car or camper) that you have, eventually, taken on the ferry.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/152870410@N04

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