How to visit Corsica: 4 solutions for you on the island of beauty

how to visit Corsica

If it’s known as “the island of beauty”, there must be reason. Indeed, there are several reasons, such as the beaches, the most famous places, the cities to visit. But, before you go there, there is one thing you need to know: how to visit Corsica.

For you, there are 4 good solutions


1. By car (or by motorcycle)

absolutely, this is the best way to visit Corsica: you can tour the whole island by car or by motorcycle. Corsican road network is widespread and well-maintained: you can easily reach the major towns on the island and the small villages on the mountains.

Street signs are in French and in Corsican language. In general, prudence is the first thing while you are driving.


2. By bus

Corsican bus network, so to speak, has a double face.

  • Bus companies are several, there are numerous routes in summer and it’s possible to reach all the main towns on the island (except for the less-known mountain destinations).
  • In autumn and in winter, the routes are very, very few. The ticket is quite expensive. Buses to the less-known destinations are less comfortable. It is not easy to find the information you might need.


3. By train

Ajaccio-Bastia, Ajaccio-Calvi and Bastia-Calvi are, in practice, the only three railway lines on the island. Durations of the train journeys are quite long and the routes are very few. In return, the train will give you the chance to admire some of the most beautiful landscapes that Corsica can ever offer.


4. U trinnichellu

Finally, to visit Corsica, you may use u trinnichellu. It’s a train that goes on an ancient railway of the late Nineteenth century. It’s not a practical solutions but, we can assure you, the views are unforgettable.


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