Italian Film Festival 2015 in Ajaccio: 20 films and a magical city

  • Published: 20-10-2015
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Italian film festival 2015: Ajaccio

Between Corsica and Italy there is, so to speak, a special bond. Because, every year, hundreds of Italian tourists are fascinated by the island of beauty. And because there is also a cultural affinity. Especially if we’re talking about cinema. And especially if we’re talking about the 2015 edition of Italian film festival in Ajaccio. That will take place at Palais des congrès of Corsican capital city, from November 7 to 15.


The festival

What about an event that is visited by seven thousand people each year? And that presents some the best Italian films of the year? For these reasons, Festival du film italien à Ajaccio is one of the most important events on the island of beauty.

The festival features 20 recent Italian films. And the eight awards are assigned by two juries, the first is professional, in the second there are school students. Directors and famous actors will make Festival du film italien à Ajaccio even more special.


Once you are there

The passion for cinema brought you here. And, with that excuse, you will discover a very magial city. Stroll along the streets of Ajaccio will let you see places like the cathedral, Napoleon’s home and the beautiful Sanguinaires islands (to visit at sunset).


More information

For more information about the 2015 edition of Italian film festival in Ajaccio (complete program, tickets, changes of dates), you can visit the official website of the event,


Image source: «Ajaccio-congrés-1» par Jean-Louis Lascoux — Travail personnel. Sous licence CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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