Ajaccio made in Italy: the 2017 edition of the Italian Film Festival

  • Published: 2-11-2017
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Italian Film Festival of Ajaccio 2017

In Ajaccio, there is a place called Palais des Congrès, or Palazzu di i cungressi. For nine days, from 11 to 19 November 2017, this place will speak the universal language of the cinema of the Peninsula. Because, in fact, these days will be held the new edition of the Italian Film Festival of Ajaccio.


Festivale di u filmu talianu

This is the name in the language of the event. Which, for the occasion, proposes in total twenty Italian films recently released, eight of which will be competing and judged by two juries, one of these is professional, consisting of high school students and university students.

This year, film selection is very special, because to combine author’s films and popular cinema, newcomers, and well-established names.



And after so much cinema, in nine days we advise you not to miss the opportunity to visit the main city of Corsica. That even in autumn will not fail to give you interesting ideas for a small off season holiday.

  • Obviously, you have to start by visiting Ajaccio and its most beautiful places, such as the citadel, cathedral and, inevitable, Napoleon’s House (in honor of the most illustrious city born in this city).
  • And about the first French Emperor: following this itinerary, you can trace the footsteps of Napoleon and the places of Ajaccio that are still attached to him today.


How to get

You just have to book a place on one of the ferries to Corsica. During the day and for whole year, several departures are scheduled from some of the major Italian ports, such as Savona, Genoa and Livorno. We advise you to take a car on the ferry so you can move freely along the island’s roads.


Further information

For more information about the 2017 edition of the Italian Film Festival at Ajaccio (complete program, tickets, how to attend, list of competing films, any date changes), you can consult the official website of the event, Iffa.corsica.


Image Source: Flickr.com/photos/9260586@N05

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