Jazz equinoxe 2015: three days for jazz enthusiasts

  • Published: 29-05-2015
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Jazz equinoxe 2015

Corsica and its inhabitants love jazz music. In fact, there are various events dedicated to this music genre during the year. Such as the Calvi Jazz festival. And such as 2015 edition of Jazz equinoxe, event that will take place in Erbalunga (near Bastia) on July 8-9-10.

These are the three most important concerts of Jazz equinoxe 2015:

  • July 8: Mélody Gardot (the US singer presents her new album)
  • July 9: Ana Popovic (leg of the European tour of the Serbian guitarist and singer)
  • July 10: Philip Catherine (English jazz guitarist performance will be preceded by Cisco Herzhaft, folk and blues French guitarist).

In addition to this, during the three days of the event there will be other concerts and jam sessions.

Not only music. All the concerts of Jazz equinoxe 2015 will begin in the evening at 9:30pm. During daytime, you can:

  • Taste the several (and delicious) Corsica traditional dishes
  • Visit the so called “dito della Corisca” (literally, “finger of Corsica”), the north peninsula of the island.
  • Visit Bastia: this town is very near and there are a lot of places to see.

For more information about Jazz equinoxe 2015 (full program, dates, tickets) you can visit the official website of the event, Jazzequinoxecorsica.com. And jazz enthusiasts have just one thing to do: book in time a ferry trip to Bastia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/lostbob

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