Calvi Jazz festival 2015: a “journey in music” [VIDEO]

  • Published: 1-05-2015
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Calvi Jazz festival 2015

Calvi is a beautiful place to see. And to listen to. Especially if you are lucky enough to visit it during the third weekend in June. When will take place one of the most awaited events by jazz fans from all over Europe, who will meet in this city of Corsica. Obviously we are talking about Calvi Jazz festival, which in 2015 should take place from June 17 to 21.

Dates are to be confirmed. As well as the program of the event. One thing is certain: the Calvi Jazz festival will be a great festival dedicated to music, culture, entertainment. During this event the jazz notes will resound through the streets of the city, where international artists will perform.

In addition to the concerts on the main stage, there will be improvisations and jam sessions until dawn, in the several bars and clubs in the city or on the seafront. Not only jazz. During the days of Calvi Jazz festival 2015 there will be dances, exhibitions, parades in the streets. The fil rouge will be the music. An unforgettable occasion to listen to great masters and young jazz musicians.

For more information about Calvi Jazz festival 2015 (confirmed dates, complete program) you can visit the official website of the event,

Do you want a little taste of what awaits you? Enjoy this video (by jeanclaude soyez):


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