Les jeudis polyphoniques de Bonifacio 2017: all the magic of singing Corsican

  • Published: 13-09-2017
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Les jeudis polyphoniques de Bonifacio 2017

The polyphonic songs are one of the most evocative spells and traditions that Corsica can give to all its visitors. A magic that you can discover (or rediscover) during your next autumn holiday on the island of beauty: we are talking about the Les Jeudis polyphoniques de Bonifacio 2017. This event, which began in April, will continue until the end of October.


The “Polyphonic Thursday”

This is the literal translation of the event name. Every Thursday at 21:30, the church of Saint-François will resonate with the traditional songs of Corsica, the songs polyphonic precisely, which told the daily life and were an authentic means of transmitting culture and knowledge. The songs will be performed by some of the best performers of Canto Corsican, such as Arapa, Meridianu, Campagnoli, Alba, Barbara Furtuna.



The citadel with its white cliffs overlooks a fairytale sea: a spectacle that always leaves an open mouth. The marina, one of the most lived and visited areas. In other words, Bonifacio is a city to see absolutely even in autumn.


If the songs polyphonic you enjoyed…

… there is also another event that will allow you to listen to them (although, compared to Bonifacio, it’s on the other side of the island, on the north coast). In Calvi, in fact, from 12 to 16 September will be held the edition 2017 of the Rencontres de chants polyphoniques.


More Information

For more information of Les jeudis polyphoniques de Bonifacio 2017(complete program, how to participate, any changes to dates), you can consult the official website of tourism of Bonifacio, Bonifacio.fr.

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