Corsica: six recommended kayak excursions

kayak CorsicaStreams, rivers, and an indented coastline with beaches and small coves. Every kayaker will love it. If you are looking for a place to practice your favorite sport, Corsica could be your destination.

Six recommended kayak excursions are:

  1. Arone – Ficajola (15 kilometers)
  2. Ficajola – Girolata (20 kilometers)
  3. Girolata – Galeria (27 kilometers)
  4. Lozari beach – Saleccia beach (18 kilometers)
  5. Saleccia beach – Saint Florent (12 kilometers)
  6. Tour of Cap Corse (from Saint Florent to Macinaggio, on Corsica north coast)

These six trails are very different from each other, some are on rivers and streams, while others are along the coast and the sea of Corsica. Whatever your choice is, there are some recommendations:

  • prudence first, always
  • kayaker has to be in good form
  • if you are a beginner, an instructor (it is not difficult to find one in the major cities of Corsica), or a friend with more experience should accompany you
  • check that the equipment is in good condition
  • you must have a water reserve
  • you must have a smartphone or a mobile phone.

The best periods for kayaking in Corsica are late spring and early autumn. Weather is good for kayaking even in summer, but Corsica is always very crowded in high season.

Have you made a note of kayak excursions and recommendations? In this case there is only one thing that you have to do: book a ferry ticket to Corsica.


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