Kitesurfing in Corsica: the best spots from North to South

kitesurfing in CorsicaThere is always a kite in your travel suitcase. All that you want during a holiday is surfing and flying on the waves of the sea. And, considering that your next trip will be in Corsica, here you have the best spots for kitesurfing of this island.


North-West coast

In this part of Corsica there are several good spots for kitesurfing. The best and most famous places of the North-West coast of this island are Lodu, Saleccia, Calanchi. And especially the beach of Algajola, near Ile Rousse, a spot ideal for both beginners and experts.


East coast

In a way, East coast of Corsica is very, very similar to the coast of Sardinia. In fact, the coast between Bastia and Porto Vecchio is a succession of sand beaches, and some of them are very large. The wind is never so strong here but, if you are lucky, during your holiday you can have good conditions for kitesurfing.


South coast

This is a real, little paradise for all kitesurfer. In other words, here there are the best spots of Corsica. Places and beaches such as Porticcio, Porto Pollo, Figari, Tonnara, Santa Manza, Piantarella, Rondinara.

In particular, there are three places of the South coast recommended for kitesurfing:

  • Porto Pollo – A spot for both beginners and experts. The beach is very large, and the wind is strong and stable.
  • Figari – With Algajola, maybe it’s the most famous Corsica spot for kitesurfing. The spot is in the gulf of the same name, near Bonifacio. It’s a long and narrow beach, recommended for beginners.
  • Strait of Bonifacio – Even in this part of Corsica there are several spots for kitesurfing. These spots are for experts, due to the white cliffs.


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