Last minute ferries to Corsica: how to find and book the tickets

Last minute ferries to Corsica

You were undecided until the last minute. Or, you decided at the last minute that the destination of your next vacation would be the island of beauty. And here begins your little dilemma: how to find, and above all, to book the last minute Corsica ferries?

The solution is simple …

… and it’s using a comparator. Exactly like our online booking system. Enter the day and time of departure, the port of departure and the port of arrival, the number and age of passengers, if you want to board a vehicle and click on “Search and compare”.

In a few seconds, in one screen you will have all the ferries departures on the chosen date, along with the prices provided by the various companies (so as to always choose the most convenient solution). Always online you can complete your reservation, then the tickets will be sent via email: simple, convenient and fast, your last minute holiday is safe.

Now that you have booked …

… your next vacation can begin. In this regard, we can give you some useful ideas to choose the destination:

  • Ajaccio is the main city of Corsica, a place rich of history, nature and art. Once visited the city, the holiday continues discovering its surroundings, where there are archaeological sites and nature reserves.
  • Bastia is located on the northern coast of the island of beauty. Also a must-visit city, this is also the best starting point to explore the so-called “finger of Corsica” (the peninsula that lies along the north coast of the island) and the evocative desert of the Agriates.
  • If you have some time available and want to really see the best that this island can give you, then you have to see the most beautiful places in Corsica, like Ile-Rousse, Castagniccia and Scandola.
  • And for an unforgettable journey, one can not but mention the most beautiful beaches of Corsica: places like Palombaggia and Rondinara are authentic paradises of sun, sea and lots of relaxation.


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