Legends of Corsica: when San Venerio the hermit arrived on the island of beauty

legends of Corsica: San Venerio


It is well known how beautiful Corsica is. Without forgetting that this is an ancient land. So ancient that is the land of many legends. Like the one of San Venerio.

  • The saint. Venerio was born in 560 on the island of Palmaria, in the Ligurian Sea. He was a hermit monk in a small monastery on the island of Tino. He died here and was buried in 630. On his tomb, were built a small shrine and after, in the eleventh century, the abbey of San Venerio (a Benedictine monastery).
  • The devotion. During the centuries, devotion to San Venerio grew more and more. Thanks also to some legends concerning him: he would have fought a sort of monstrous fish-dragon that terrorized the sailors of the Mediterranean sea; he set up a sail and saved several castaways; he lit fires on the coast at night to guide sailors.
  • The legend and the island of beauty. Between the Sixth century and Seventh century, Corsica became a place of hermitage for several monks. According to legend, San Venerio left the island of Tino to spend some time on the island of beauty.


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Image source: Flickr.com/photos/bgo1

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