Legends of Corsica: eyes and devotion of Santa Lucia

legends of Corsica: Santa Lucia’s eyes

The legend begins with a young woman from Syracuse: Lucia, born in a noble family. Her mother was afflicted with an incurable disease. Lucia prayed fervently to the Virgin Mary, asking her healing. The miracle happened and Lucia’s mother recovered from the disease.

Lucia devoted herself, body and soul, to the Virgin Mary. Her dedication was so boundless that, to ward off any possible suitors, she tore her eyes and threw them into the sea. Since then, the young Syracuse woman devoted herself completely to pray and to help others.

Lucia performed many miracles. The Virgin Mary, seeing all this, rewarded her for the great devotion: she restored her sight, giving her wonderful and bright eyes. Those who would be called occhji beautiful and lucentti in the Corsican language.

What has this legend to do with the island of beauty? Take a walk along the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. Walking on the sand, you will notice many round-shaped shells, called Turbo Rugueux. According to the tradition, those are the eyes of Santa Lucia. They bring good luck and, most importantly, keeps away the evil eye. Seeing is believing.


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Image source: «Saint Lucy by Domenico di Pace Beccafumi» par Domenico Beccafumi — Web Gallery of Art:   Image  Info about artwork. Sous licence Domaine public via Wikimedia Commons

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