Where to go for the long weekend of April 25, 2017? Corsica is waiting for you

The long weekend of April 25, 2017 where to go?


There are four days for a holiday. You want to travel but still don’t know where to go. As you will understand, we are talking about the long weekend of April 25, 2017. And you just need a good idea to organize the trip.

How about Corsica? We have for you a great itinerary in four steps along the northern coast of the island of beauty.


Step # 1: Bastia

This little trip on the occasion of the long weekend of 25 April 2017 begins in the main city of the north coast of Corsica. During the first day, you will visit Bastia:

  • Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista;
  • Chapel of Nostra Signora di Monserrato;
  • Palace of Governatori;
  • Palace of the dodici nobili;
  • Statue of Napoleon;
  • St. Nicholas square;
  • Boulevard Paoli.


Step # 2: Saint-Florent

About half an hour driving up the D81 and you will be in Saint-Florent. It is a very quiet place, with a unique and relaxing atmosphere. Above all, starting from Saint-Florent you can easily reach one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of Corsica: we are talking about the enchanting Plage de Loto.


Step # 3: Ile-Rousse

Your third day begins taking the D81 and then the T30, eastward. In an hour you will arrive in Ile-Rousse. A name that, for all holidaymakers, is synonymous with pristine beaches: places like Plage de Caruchetu, Plage de Lozari, Plage de Bodri and Algajola will give you unforgettable views. They will make you experience the feeling of being very far away from modernity and stress.


Step # 4: Calvi

Last step of the itinerary to spend the long weekend of April 25 in Corsica. Starting from Ile-Rousse, driving down the T30 it will take just half an hour to get to Calvi. And begin to see the city:

  • Cittadella;
  • Pro-cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste;
  • Marina;
  • Église Sainte-Marie-Majeure;
  • Pointe de la Revellata;
  • Notre Dame de la Serra.


Marked our advices? Now you just have one thing to do: to book the ferry trip to Corsica.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/bonajf

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