Need an idea for a low cost New Year’s Eve vacation? It’s Corsica

  • Published: 23-12-2015
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low cost New Year’s Eve: Corsica

Your desire is to spend New Year’s Eve 2016 abroad. You have not a clear idea of where to go but one thing is certain: you need a beautiful place to see and all the conditions for a low cost vacation. Complicated? Not if the destination of this winter holiday will be Corsica.


How to get there

Ferry and airplane are the two ways to get to Corsica. Before you choose, consider two things:

  • The international airports of Corsica are 4 but direct flights from Italy are few. The ticket price is quite high.
  • Ferries depart from the major Italian ports and the departures are several throughout the year. If you booked a few days in advance, the ticket can be very cheap.


Where to stay

Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Calvi and Bastia can be considered the four major cities of Corsica. Each of them is recommended for a different kind of holiday. In these four cities you will find different solutions to stay, such as hotels, holiday homes, B&Bs.

December is in low season so the cost of hotels/holiday homes/B&Bs will be more cheap than in high season.


What to eat

There is no New Year’s Eve without the traditional dinner. And the Corsican cuisine is very rich and varied. Enjoy this winter trip and taste some of the Corsican specialties such as charcuterie, brocciu, bouillarbasse and veau aux olives.

Where you can taste these culinary specialties? In the old town centre of the chosen city you will find several small and picturesque restaurants.


What to eat

Finally, how to spend this low cost New Year’s Eve in Corsica? We have some ideas good for you and that will allow you to greet New Year in a dignified way.


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