Holiday in Corsica: relaxation on Lozari beach


What does it take to recover after a year of work and stress? A quiet place to enjoy the sun and the sea, surrounded by lush and uncontaminated nature. A place just like the one that you can see in the picture. If you want to go there, there is no problem: it’s plage de Lozari and is located in Corsica.


The beach

Welcome to one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica north coast: there is no better way to present it. Plage de Lozari is located in the homonymous gulf and is a perfect half-moon shape beach. Obviously, the sand is white and the water is crystalline.


It’s recommended for…

  • Plage de Lozari is very quiet and the nature that surrounds it is practically untouched: a place recommended for those who are seeking total relaxation.
  • Sandy, the water is shallow for several meters and reach it is quite easy: for all these characteristics, it is an excellent choice during a holiday with children. There are no services on the beach.
  • The beach is on the sea of Agriates desert. It might be an idea for an interesting excursion in a unique place.


How to get to Lozari beach

The main town near plage de Lozari is Ile-Rousse. From here, to reach the beach, just take the N197 road towards east and, once you are in the town of Losari, follow signs to the beach.


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