Bring the luggage on the ferry to Corsica: the most important things to know

luggage on the ferry to Corsica

You’ll go to Corsica, the destination of your next vacation, by ferry. Vacation that, of course, will last a few days and you have to bring several things with you. In other words, you want to know the conditions to bring the luggage on the ferry.

Here are the most important conditions of the two main shipping companies that guarantee the connection with Sardinia: Moby and Corsica Ferries.



Articles 410-418 of the Codice della navigazione (Navigation Code) contain the basic information that rule the ways in which it is possible to bring baggage on ferries (and on ships). These are also the articles to which the company Moby refers to allow all its passengers to bring their luggage on board.

The main things to know are:

  • The cost of the luggage is included in the general cost of the ticket.
  • The passenger can carry one hand luggage. Anything that is not strictly related to this type of luggage must be placed in the spaces indicated by the crew.
  • There are specific weight limits. If luggage exceeds these limits, an additional fee may be applied.


Corsica Ferries

On the ferries of Corsica Ferries, every passenger has the right to bring, free of charge, a hand luggage whose dimensions must not exceed 200x100x50 centimetres. This luggage can be placed in the cabin and, in general, in the seat assigned to the passenger.

Luggage means bags, boxes or other similar types. For any type of suitcase or baggage that exceeds the maximum size, the payment of an additional fee may be required.


These are the basic information to bring luggage on the ferry. And now you just have to book the ferry trip to Corsica and prepare for your next vacation to the island of beauty.


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