Specialties and traditions: the 4 most important markets of Corsica

markets of Corsica

Corsica offers tons of flavors: brocciu, honey, cold cuts of the charcuterie, different recipes with chestnuts… The best places to find these products, and to immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of the most authentic island of beauty, are the colorful markets that take place in the main cities of Corsica.

  1. Ile Rousse (northern Corsica). Every day, from 7am to 12pm, takes place the local indoor market. The various stalls sell all the typical products of the island: cold cuts, fish, shellfish, honey, wine, vegetables, fruits.
  2. Propriano (southern Corsica). The local indoor market takes place in Rue Pandolfi every day. Here you can find all the “products of the earth”, from vegetables to fruits.
  3. Ajaccio (western Corsica). This indoor local market, really, is worth a visit. It takes place every day in Place César-Campinchi: it’s one of the largest of the island, “specialized” in the sale of fresh products and it’s not expensive. Among flowers and fruits, there are stalls offering jam, honey, Muscat wine, myrtle liqueur, wild boar sauce and sheep’s milk cheese.
  4. Bastia (northern Corsica). Another indoor local market specialized in the sale of fresh products. It takes place every day (except on Monday) in Place de l’Hôtel de Ville.

For further information about these 4 local markets if Corsica, you can visit the official websites of the four municipalities.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/jamretsam

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