A journey in Corsica: an app to see all the monuments of Bastia

Bastia monuments app

In Bastia, the things to see are really several. Indeed, perhaps the problem is just this: there are so many monuments that it is hard to know where to begin visiting. And you hate to arrive in your destination without an itinerary to follow. Well, the technology comes to your rescue: all you have to do is download an app on your smartphone.

The app is Bastia monuments tracker. It is completely free and is available on Google play and on App store. Once you are in Bastia and you have turned on the geolocation, on the smartphone you will find the nearby monuments. Furthermore, this app will allow you to make personalized itinerary.

Alternatively, you can go to the Office de tourisme de Bastia, located in Place Saint-Nicolas, in a central and easy to reach part of the city. Here you will find a very useful and easy to use interactive panel, with all the information that you may need to plan your itinerary.

In short, Bastia is even more 2.0. And, thanks to this app, you can easily know which are the monuments and the most important things to see in this city on the northern coast of Corsica. All you need is a smartphone.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/avdleeuw

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