The most beautiful part of Corsica? It depends on the type of holiday you want to live

Corsica most beautiful part

Having chosen the destination of your next vacation, you have realized that it’s a big island, with lots to see and to do. So you are wondering: what’s the most beautiful part of Corsica?

Precisely because Corsica is so great, there is no only one answer. It all depends on the type of holiday you would like to live. And you can be sure that Corsica will be able to satisfy you.



Is your holiday ideal lying comfortably on a lovely shoreline enjoying the sun and the sea? So the choice is made: the beaches of Southern Corsica are among the most beautiful of the island (and of the whole of Europe). Two names on all are the beach of Rondinara and the beach of Palombaggia, and in general the whole stretch of coast between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio.



There are so many cities to visit in Corsica. Like Porto Vecchio, Bastia, Calvi, Ile-Rousse. Without forgetting the two main population centers of the island, namely Bonifacio and Ajaccio. All destinations to experience a holiday full of history, culture and art.



In your suitcase never miss everything you need to satisfy your great passion: diving. Because for you a place must be beautiful to see on the surface as well as just below sea level. Well, the most beautiful dives you can do in Corsica will not disappoint you:

  • Isole di Lavezzi (Bonifacio);
  • Merouville (Bonifacio);
  • Est du Phare (Bonifacio);
  • Scandola (Porto);
  • Capo Rosso (Porto).



No wetsuits and bombs but in return trekking shoes, hat, comfortable clothes and everything you need to walk for hours and hours admiring the views that you will not forget so easily. To test yourself, you have three great possibilities:

  • The GR20, legendary route that starts from Calenzana and arrives, 15 days later, in Conca;
  • The customs trail, much simpler, from Macinaggio to Port de Centuri (north coast);
  • The Mare e monti trail, between Calenzana and Cargèse.

And if you’re still not satisfied, well, there are still many trails that cross the mountains of Corsica.



Not everyone knows that it is possible to ski in Corsica. The ski resorts are three:

  • Val d’Ese, in central Corsica, in the municipality of Bastelica;
  • Monte Renoso, not far from the town of Ghisoni, in eastern Corsica;
  • Col de Vergio, near Col de Verghju, about two hours drive from Ajaccio.

The best time to ski in Corsica is from early February to the end of March.


Suggestive atmospheres and tranquility

Exactly what will offer you Ghisoni, Propriano, Sartène, Castagniccia, Porto, Piana and Cargèse, or the most beautiful villages to see in Corsica: for a holiday with slow rhythms, discovering the traditions, enjoying the scents, colors and sounds of nature .



To make excursions in the nature of this island there are five destinations not to be missed:

  • Alta Rocca: one of the seven micro-regions of Corsica, formed by mountains and hills dotted with oaks, pines and chestnut trees;
  • Scandola: the only nature reserve in Europe to be both marine and terrestrial, with a sea of unforgettable color;
  • Pond of Urbino and Stagno di Diana: both are located along the east coast, not far from some of the island’s most famous beaches;
  • Ania di Fiumorbu: an area made famous above all by its numerous caves.


Food & Wine

Aziminu, agneau Corse, civet de sanglier and veau aux olive are just some of the things to eat during a holiday in Corsica. One of the best areas to try them all is Castagniccia, a natural region in the northeastern part of Corsica. If you prefer cities, then there are the many restaurants in the historic center of Ajaccio and Bonifacio.

Chosen what you think is the most beautiful part of Corsica? So now you just have to book the ferry trip and organize your holiday.


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