The 10 most beautiful places of Corsica: from North to South

Corsica most beautiful placesMiles of coastline. Ancient cities. Pristine nature. Corsica is all this and much more. What are the most beautiful places? The places that you cannot miss during a holiday?

1. Ile-Rousse – Its name means “Red Island”, and the origin of the name is the color of the cliffs, on the North coast of Corsica. It has two souls, one modern and commercial, another ancient and evocative.

2. Desert – In French désert des Agriates, it is located between Ile-Rousse and Saint Florent. It’s a wilderness area with Mediterranean scrub and small hills.

3. Castagniccia – A natural region on the East coast of Corsica. This is a great destination for trekking: there are several excursions through forests, rivers and natural springs.

4. Ghisoni – A lovely Sixteenth century town, nestled on the hills and surrounded by lush forests. Ghisoni is the starting point of excursions that go towards Monte Renoso, 2.352 meters high.

5. Ajaccio – The capital city is among the most beautiful places of Corsica. Ajaccio is an ancient city, with a lot of places to see and things to do, such as the Citadel and Napoleon’s home. And here there are some of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica.

6. Iles Sanguinaires – Near Ajaccio, it’s a small archipelago that rises just off the West coast. It is renowned for its wild and pristine beaches. The origin of the name is the color of archipelago at sunset.

7. Scandola – One of the most important European nature reserves. Its characteristic is to be terrestrial and marine.

8. Palombaggia – Obviously, among the most beautiful places of Corsica there are its beaches. Such as Palombaggia, the most famous on the south coast. White sand, blue sea, water always calm, smooth rocks: according to many, this is the perfect beach.

9. Rondinara – Another famous Corsica beach. Rondinara is a small bay between two rocky headlands. The water is lovely and shallow. It is always very crowded.

10. Strait of Bonifacio – Among the 10 most beautiful places of Corsica there is one of its symbols: the famous white cliffs overlooking the Straits of Bonifacio, a panorama that you cannot miss.


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