Mountains of Corsica: 6 places only for real and experienced hikers

mountains of Corsica

For you, vacation is synonym for mountains. The first thing you put in your suitcase are hiking boots and a map with the trails. And, since you have chosen Corsica for your next journey dedicated to hiking, there are at least 6 places that you must not miss.

  1. Monte Grosso. It is one of the peaks of Monte Cinto massif and it overlooks the landscape that you can admire from Calvi, on the northern coast of Corsica. Monte Grosso can be reached from the small villages of Calenzana, Zilia and Montegrosso.
  2. Monte Cinto. 2.706 meters above sea level, this is the highest mountain in Corsica. It is located in the northwestern part of the island, it can be reached from the small towns of Asco and Calacuccia. The main nearby tourist port is Calvi.
  3. Monte d’Oro. It is the fifth mountain in Corsica. You can see it from Bocca di Vizzavona, on the road between Bastia and Ajaccio. It can be reached from Vizzavona, along the GR20, one of the most famous trails to discover Corsica by foot.
  4. Paglia Orba. It is one of the most famous mountains of Corsica. Its nicknames are “Corsican Matterhorn” and “Queen of Corsican mountains”. It is an isolated massif that rises on the west coast. It can be reached from the village of Albertacce.
  5. Monte Renoso. Between the hills of Vizzavona and Verde, highest peak of Renoso massif, it is located near the town of Ghisoni. From monte Renoso you can see several lakes, such as Bastani, Rina and Nielucci.
  6. Monte Rotondo. It is the second Corsican mountain. It is located in the area of Haute-Corse and it is the highest peak of the homonymous massif, which includes other peaks.

If you are real hikers, these six Corsican mountains are there, waiting only for you. Now you just have to book the trip.


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