New Year’s eve 2016 in Corsica: 3 ideas for your winter vacation

  • Published: 24-11-2015
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New Year’s eve 2016 in Corsica

New Year’s Eve 2016 is forthcoming. Especially if you are planning to spend a vacation, maybe in a destination that offers many attractions. Are you thinking of Corsica as destination for this holiday? In this case, we have 3 ideas that are right up your alley.


1. The most beautiful villages

If Corsica is called the island of beauty, there must be a good reason. Not only for its nature but also for the many, small and ancient villages. Such as these 7: some are in the heart of the mountains, others are near semi-deserted stretches of coast.

In these places, time seems to have stopped. The seven villages are recommended if you want to spend a vacation dedicated solely to traditions, slow rhythms of life, nature.


2. The coasts

This idea is good if you like exploring the destination of the journey and discover new places every day. This holiday in Corsica should last about a week. You can choose among four very different routes along the coast of Corsica, from north to south.

Every part of Corsica is recommended for a different kind of holiday. Now you just have to choose your favorite.


3. The cities

The Corsican cities to visit are many. On the occasion of this New Year’s trip, the recommended destinations are two: Ajaccio and Bonifacio. For two reasons:

  • they are two of the most important cities of the island and the things to see, in the town and nearby, are several
  • on the occasion of New Year’s Eve, several special events take place here, such as fireworks on the seafront


Have tou chosen your idea to spend this New Year’s eve 2016 in Corsica? Now, there is only one thing left to do: book a ferry trip.


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