Plage du Fazzio: a real, small paradise near Bonifacio

plage du Fazzio

Before you continue reading, take a look at the photo above. Isn’t it a real, small paradise? A dream for all the travellers looking for sun, sea and unspoiled nature? The answer to both questions can only be: yes. The small paradise we’re talking about is called plage du Fazzio. And it is located near Bonifacio.


The beach

Plage du Fazzio, in front of the homonymous small island, is enchanting as a few other beaches (despite the beaches of Corsica are really beautiful), in a setting where the nature makes the difference. But, above all, there is the spectacular transparency of its waters.

And there is also another detail that will make plage du Fazzio even more enchanting: it is almost unknown and never crowded, even in summer. A place to be discovered but with few services available, so better to be prepared.


How to get there

There are two ways to get to plage du Fazzio, both from Bonifacio (one of the main ports for ferries to Corsica):

  • A boat tour from the port of Bonifacio, boat tour that will make you discover the coast of this part of the island of beauty;
  • A pleasant walk (a great idea for hikers) from avenue Sylvère Bohn that will lead to plage di Fazzio (it takes about 45 minutes).


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