Corsica: 5 tips you should follow to organize a perfect holiday

plan a holiday in Corsica


Type in Text here and Click on Source button to get HTML Source Code. The island of beauty is the destination of your next journey and you want to organize a simply perfect holiday in Corsica. Achievable goal without problems. But you should to follow these five useful tips.


1. How to get

Ajaccio, Figari, Bastia and Calvi are the four international airports in Corsica. But the direct flights from Italy are few and the ticket price is not always cheap. So, the ferry is the best way to get to Corsica: there are several departures throughout the day, linking Corsica with some of the main Italian harbours like Piombino, Livorno, Genoa and Savona.

The ferry has also another advantage compared to the airplane: You can board a car, a motor home or a motorcycle.


2. How getting around

The previous reference about the chance to board a vehicle on the ferry is not accidental. Because car, motorcycle, and motor home are the recommended solutions to getting around in Corsica: the street network in Corsica is widespread and well maintained, the road signs are in French and Corsican.


3. How many days

How many days does should last this trip in Corsica? Depends on the kind of holiday you would like to live. About this, we can recommend you five different types of itinerary:

  • One day;
  • Three days;
  • One week;
  • Ten days;
  • Two weeks.

And now you have only to choose the better solution for your own needs (based on the time you have).


4. Where to sleep

Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Bastia and Calvi are the four main towns of the Corsica. Our tip is to found an hotel, camping, B&B, holyday house etc…, in one of these cities, that are located in strategic points and that they will allow you to visit all the island of beauty.


5. What to eat

It remains only one thing to know after choosing the accommodation, how many days, the itinerary, how to get and getting around. The Corsica has an ancient and tasty culinary tradition and there are some dishes you have to taste, such as charcuterie, grigliata di pesce, bouillarbasse e veau aux olive.


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