Porto bike tour 2015: pedaling between the sea and the mounts of Corsica

  • Published: 11-09-2015
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porto bike 2015

The official dates are not yet published. Two things are sure: it will be held in October and it will be an unmissable event for every two-wheels lovers. Are you one od these? So, the Porto bike tour 2015 is the perfect event for you.


The event

It’s a competition apt for all the bikers, from beginners to experts. The trails will consists in straight roads, hairpin turns, uplands an panoramas over the sea in the part of Corsica between Ota and Porto. You’ll see mounts and then the sea, pedaling in a naturalistic place that perfectly represents the beauty of the isle.


How to reach

Ota is a small town, with no more than 600 inhabitants, which is in the department of South Corsica. Ota is in the hinterland, while inside the same town there’s the coastal village of Porto.

The principal tourist port near there is Ajaccio. Starting from it, you just have to take the N81 towards north and follow the road signs to Ota. The trip lasts about 2 hours by car.


More information

For further information about the 2015 edition of Porto bike tour (complete program, trails, how to participate, eventually changes of dates), you can visit the official site of the event, Ouestcorsica.com.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/anikki

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