The 5 things that you really must see during a holiday in Propriano

Propriano Corsica


Although, in recent years, it has become a popular tourist destination, Propriano has maintained the atmosphere of a small fishing village. And, if your next holiday in Corsica will be here, here we have five things to see that you should not miss.

  1. Promenade sur mer. This visit to the small town of Propriano begins with a pleasant stroll along the promenade. Where you can fully enjoy the spectacle that the sea of Propriano, and the beautiful turquoise colour, give its visitors.
  2. Notre Dame de Misericorde. This small church overlooks the ancient fishing village that was once Propriano. Renovated few years ago, it is immediately recognizable by the vividness of its colours, white and blue, and its statues. From the church square, you can admire unforgettable views over the town and the sea.
  3. The old town centre. Strolling along the promenade, you can get to the old town centre of Propriano. And so you’ll get lost in a maze of picturesque squares, streets, and alleys where time seems to have stopped.
  4. Filitosa archaeological site. About half an hour by car from Propriano (via D157 road), there’s the archaeological site of Filitosa. Dating back to 8 thousand years ago, it consists of a series of menhirs that are lying on hills, surrounded by ferns and wild olive trees.
  5. The beaches. Finally, the main reason that made this destination popular among all vacationers seeking sun, sea and relaxation: the beaches of the Gulf of Propriano. The most beautiful are nine and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

How to get to Propriano. From Bonifacio, one of the main port where ferries to Corsica dock, to get to Propriano you just have to take the T40 road towards north. The journey by car takes about one hour.


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