Roccapina beach: the best that Corsica sea can offer

Roccapina beach

Relaxation. The sensation to be far away from modernity. The pleasure to be surrounded by two things only: the blue of a dream sea and the green of nature. You can have all this if you are going to spend a holiday in Corsica. Roccapina beach is on this island.


The beach

If you are on one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, there will be a reason. Indeed, the reasons are several. Such as the turquoise sea and the long beach of pristine sand, dream of any traveller. And the beach is unique for another reason: it is dominated by a natural sculpture that looks like a crouching lion.


A beach recommended to…

The beach is recommended if you want to spend a day dedicated to relaxation in a real paradise, surrounded by nature. It might be an excellent idea even for a holiday with children. However, the beach is located at some distance from main towns of the zone (Sartene and Bonifacio) and there are no available services on it.


Hot to get there

Roccapina beach is on Corsica southwest coast. The nearest town is Sartene, about twenty kilometers from Roccapina. The beach can be reached via sea or via a two and a half kilometers long dirt path. The path starts at Auberge Coralli and can be travelled by car.


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