San Cipriano beach, Corsica: for a relaxing holiday

San Cipriano beach Corsica

The beaches are one of the main attractions of Corsica. For this reason, you have chosen the “Island of Beauty” for your next vacation. Is it on the south coast, near Porto Vecchio? If so, San Cipriano beach is a real must.


The beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica and this should give an idea of how is the place. San Cipriano is in a large bay. Water is clear and transparent, dream of every vacationer who is looking for relaxation. It is a long, sandy, narrow and quite beach, with trees behind it.


A beach recommended for…

The main reason to visit this beach is only one: relaxation. San Cipriano beach is recommended for those who dream to lay on a white sand beach, and to enjoy sun and sea. It’s a beach recommended also for those who are planning to have a holiday with family in Corsica: San Cipriano is easy to reach from Porto Vecchio and there are several services available on the beach.


How to get there

As already said, the beach of San Cipriano is easy to reach from Porto Vecchio:

  • From south, take N198 road to Porto Vecchio
  • From north, take D668 road

Both roads are paved. And in both cases the advice is to move with a car or a motorcycle that you can embark on a ferry to Corsica.


Image source: “Lecci” by Zen 38 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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