What about if Santa’s home was in the island of beauty?

casa di Babbo Natale

How far is Lapland? So much, really so much. We’re talking about 4 thousand kilometers. By car, it is a real adventure but even by plane would not be a joke. Yet, there is a dream that everyone caresses at least once in life: to see the home of Santa Claus.

How to get there without making a trip to the end of the earth? Perhaps there is a solution. And it is called Corsica. To get there, you only need just a few hours by ferry departing from the main European ports.

In particular, on the north coast of the island of beauty, there is a village called Calvi. Very appreciated in summer for its beaches and its coast, it’s worth a visit even in winter. Especially in December, on the occasion of Christmas. When, between the various attractions and the different events scheduled, usually the home of Santa Claus is set up.

Where kids (and not only that, we can assure you) will be photographed in company of a nice old man with a red hat and a flowing white beard. A good idea if you have decided to spend Christmas 2015 in Corsica.

For further information, you can visit comune di Calvi official website, Villedecalvi.fr.


Image source: “MerryOldSanta” di Thomas Nast – Edited version of Image:1881 0101 tnast santa 200.jpg.. Con licenza Pubblico dominio tramite Wikimedia Commons

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