Costumes and amusement in May: it’s Sartène Carnival 2015

  • Published: 31-03-2015
  • Category: Events

Sartène Carnival 2015It is a picturesque medieval town built on a rock. The houses and narrow streets of the old part are granite. And it is the ideal location for an event “out of season”. It is the famous Sartène Carnival, in Corsica, that in 2015 will take place from May 1 to 3.

The story of this feast begins in 2001. When a group of friends decided to create Sartè Allegria association. The aim of the association was to enhance one of the most important traditions of Sartène, Carnival precisely.

Moreover, the Carnival of Sartene has deep roots. Some documents, dated back to 1930, attest that the inhabitants of this Corsica town had a great passion for Carnival and masks.

A passion that lives still today. During this three-days event, the colors and the typical masks of Carnival will animate the streets of Sartène. There will be parades and various-kind events too.

Don’t forget that you are on Corsica South coast. So, Sartène Carnival can be the occasion to see places such as Propriano, Alta Rocca, U Spidali, Bonifacio. And, obviously, to taste Corsica traditional dishes.

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