The best sea of Corsica: 4 places to see

Corsica sea: 4 places to see

You are seeking where to go on holiday in Corsica. The place to choose should have one feature: there must be unforgettable beaches. This is why you want to know where is the best sea of Corsica. Here you can find four wonderful ideas.


South Corsica beaches

According to many, here you can find the most beautiful sea of the island: on the south coast there are small paradises such as Palombaggia, Rondinara, Santa Giulia, Santa Manza. The main town of southern Corsica is Bonifacio.


Ile-Rousse beaches

You are on Corsica north coast. Ile-Rousse is the best starting point to reach all the beaches in this area, such as Plage de Caruchetu, Plage de Lozari, Algajola, Arinella. The sea of the north coast is pristine, the coast is wild for long stretches, but there are few services available.


Ajaccio beaches

The things to see along the coast area several. Among them there are the most beautiful beaches of Ajaccio, Corsica main town. Places such as Marinella (“the perfect beach”), Saint-François, Sanguinaires Islands, Isolella. Destination recommended for those who want to see an unforgettable sea without sacrificing the services and the attractions of a big city as Ajaccio.


The most beautiful beaches of Corsica

We already mentioned some of them. Others are waiting for you. They are located in various parts of Corsica, from north to south. See them all might be an idea for a “holiday on the road”.


Now you can decide where to go on Corsica to see the best sea. You just have to organize the trip, booking one of the ferries to Corsica.


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