Corsica, the Sentier des douaniers: how to get and stages

Sentier des douaniers


The Sentier de grande randonnée 20, known as GR 20, is one of the most famous Corsican trails. But he is certainly not the only one who can give unforgettable views. And if you are hikers, we can recommend another one that will not disappoint you: the Sentier des douaniers.


The trail

The Sentier des douaniers begins in Macinaggio, on the northeast coast of the island, and ends in Port de Centuri, on the northwest coast. In practice, you will walk along the northernmost part of Cap Corse. The trail is about 19 kilometers long:

  • If you are trained, it takes about eight hours (in one day);
  • You can also divide the trail into two parts, one per day.


How to get there

Bastia, one of the main tourist ports in Corsica, is also the starting point of this adventure.

To get there from Bastia, just take the D80 road towards north and follow the road signs to Macinaggio. The journey by car takes less than one hour. While you’ll drive, you’ll admire one of the most beautiful coastlines of the island: Cap Corse.


The stages and the places to see:

  1. Macinaggio;
  2. Baia di Tamarone (where Plage de Tamarone, one of the most beautiful beaches of Cap Corse, is located);
  3. Romanesque church of Santa Maria,
  4. Torre d’Agnello (a tower);
  5. Barcaggio (where you can, eventually, spend the night);
  6. Tollare;
  7. Capo Grosso;
  8. Capo Bianco;
  9. Baia di Centuri;
  10. Port de Centuri.


The panoramas

What awaits you walking along the Sentier des douaniers? There are many unforgettable types of scenery: ancient towers, picturesque towns, small and precious beaches, bays, promontories. All surrounded by the beautiful sea that only the island of beauty could offer to all its visitors.


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