Shallow water in Corsica: discover the perfect beaches for kids

shallow seabeds in Corsica

Are you planning to spend a holiday with children in Corsica and enjoying the sea of this beautiful island? This means just one thing: you need to know where to find sandy and shallow water beaches? We can suggest you three destinations.


1. Calvi

Imagine a spectacular village overlooking a fabulous sea. Add the beautiful views that only the island of beauty can give you. And, of course, a beach with all the amenities and shallow water: here’s the town’s beach in Calvi, along the northern coast of Corsica.

A beach that will give parents the opportunity to fully relax while kids play safely. Moreover, after so much sun and sea, don’t forget to take a pleasant stroll through the streets of the citadel and the old town of Calvi.


2. Ajaccio

Did you choose the main city of Corsica for your next trip? Even in this case, there is everything you need for a quiet holiday with the kids. Among the most beautiful beaches in Ajaccio, we recommend:

  • Marinella, which many visitors define the perfect beach;
  • Saint-François, a long white sandy strip located right in the center of Ajaccio.

Both of these beaches are sandy, easily accessible and with shallow seabed – exactly what you are looking for.


3. The desert of Agriate

The last destination where you can find beaches with shallows depth is even, in a sense, the most particular. The désert des Agriates is a large area along the northern coast of the island, characterized by the presence of Mediterranean scrub and small shrubs.

Along the coast of the desert of the Agriate, you’ll find several shallow water beaches, each of which is a genuine little jewel. Some good example are Plage de Ghignu, Plage de Saleccia and Plage de Loto. All this beaches are easy to reach but many (almost all of them) are not equipped with amenities.


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