Skiing in April: the ski resort of Ghisoni-Capannelle

skiing in april

Spring has just begun. But you still don’t want to learn to put your skis aside or wait almost a whole year to practice your favorite sport. So you are looking for a place where you can ski in April, and at the same time enjoy a pleasant holiday.

We can suggest to you the idea: the Corsica.


The Ghisoni-Capannelle ski resort

The ski resort of Ghisoni-Capannelle will remain open until April 15 2018. It’s located in the department of Upper Corsica, about 15 kilometers away from the town of Ghisoni. The ski resort, located on the top of Mount Renoso (2.352 meters high), dominates the entire valley of the river Fiumorbu (from the top, among other things, you can admire a breathtaking view on the eastern Corsica).

Ski Ghisoni is a station able to satisfy all skiers, from those who want to spend a holiday with the family to those who practice this sport always looking for new challenges to test themselves. The station is divided into two parts:

  • The lower part, at the foot of the ski lift, where there is also a first parking area;
  • The upper part, located in the final part of the ski lift, where there is a much larger parking.

In Ghisoni-Capannelle station you will find everything you could wish for a wonderful holiday on the snow: slopes of varying difficulty, hotels, rentals, instructors.


More ideas for a holiday

Ghisoni-Capannelle is just one of the places to ski in Corsica. The island of beauty, in fact, also offers other solutions to spend a week of skiing:

  • Val d’Ese, in central Corsica, to be precise in the territory of the municipality of Bastelica;
  • Col de Vergio, a short distance from Ajaccio.

And here are two other good ideas for the next ski holiday.


How to get

First of all, you have to book a ferry to Corsica that arrives in Bastia. From here, you must:

  • Take the T11 southbound to the Arena;
  • From Arena, take the T10 up to Aleria;
  • From Aleria, take the D343 and the D344 following the signs for Ghisoni.

The journey by car (which you should embark on the ferry) takes about two hours.


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