Guide to the beaches of Southern Corsica: the 10 most beautiful

south Corsica beaches

Lying comfortably on the sand of an immaculate beach. Enjoy the sun and the sea in peace, in short, a few days of well-deserved relaxation. To rest a little after a year of hard work. Is this the kind of holiday you have in mind? Then the destination that is right for you is the island of beauty. And below you can find a small guide to find out which are the most beautiful beaches of southern Corsica.


The most beautiful beaches

  1. Roccapina. Fine and white sand, surrounded by some small hills: this is the beach of Roccapina, at a short distance from Bonifacio. Beach that can be reached along a small dirt road. Roccapina, as well as for the beauty of the place, is famous for the rock that looks like a crouched lion.
  2. Santa Giulia. It is located at a short distance from that of Palombaggia (which we will see later) and, therefore, could be an excellent opportunity to visit both. Santa Giulia is a white and fine sandy beach, about two kilometers long. The sea is a postcard. The beach is very crowded during the summer, so we suggest you to visit it in the morning or in the late afternoon.
  3. Santa Manza. It takes its name from the homonymous gulf. Also in this case it is a beach of fine and white sand, set in a practically intact natural scenery. This is also one of the spots for kitesurfing in Corsica.
  4. San Cipriano. Another simply heavenly place, both for the whiteness of the sand and for the transparency of the water. At your disposal there are all the services you could wish for on a beach.
  5. Rondinara. One of the most famous beaches of Corsica. Rondinara is a bay with two rocky promontories on the sides that protect it, promontories both covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation.
  6. Cala Rossa. Beach known and appreciated by tourists since the 70s. Not far from Porto Vecchio, from the beach you can admire the gulf in front and the surrounding hills.
  7. Pianottoli. If for you holiday is synonymous with relaxation, then you have found yours. Pianottoli is by far the most tranquil beach in Corsica, even though it is not far from Porto Vecchio.
  8. Palombaggia. Not only among the most beautiful beaches of southern Corsica but also among the most crowded, especially during the summer. The reason is easy to understand: Palombaggia is a beach to make envy those of the Caribbean. Transparent water, sand so light as to look white, smooth rocks that just come out of the water.
  9. Stagnolu beach. At a short distance from the beach of the Tonnara (which you may also see) there is the beach of Stagnolu. To visit for a specific reason: it is one of the wildest in southern Corsica, to enjoy a truly unspoiled nature and a silence interrupted only by the surf of the sea.
  10. Tamaricciu beach. Welcome to one of the most representative parts of the Corsican coast. The beach of Tamaricciu is like a little corner of paradise, a cove that opens onto an incredibly transparent sea.

At the end of the holiday, surely, you will notice it, but we want to anticipate it: following this guide you will admire some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica.


What to see

The beaches will be a fundamental part of your holiday but certainly not the only one. Because there are also many other things to see along the south coast of Corsica.

Beginning with Bonifacio, the main city in the area, overlooking the splendid scenery of the Bocche di Bonifacio. Taking a walk through the narrow streets of the citadel will allow you to breathe an ancient and suggestive atmosphere at the same time.

Two other places to see are Propriano, overlooking the Gulf of Valinco, and Sartène, a picturesque medieval town. While the Alta Rocca (area composed of mountains and hills) and the Ospedale massif are areas especially indicated for hiking enthusiasts.


How to get

The best starting point to start your holiday dedicated to the beaches of South Corsica is certainly the aforementioned Bonifacio. And to reach it you only have to book a ferry to Corsica:

  • If you are in Santa Teresa di Gallura, the ferry will take you there;
  • If instead you start from the mainland, you should book a ferry to Porto Vecchio (departure from Piombino) and, from here, reach Bonifacio by driving along the T10 and following the signs.


With or without car?

Are you wondering whether to arrive in Corsica with or without a car? We advise you to bring a vehicle with you: the public transport system of the island of beauty is not as widespread as you might think and, without a car, you risk losing some of the places we have suggested.

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