Strait of Bonifacio: photos of the 7 most beautiful places

Strait of Bonifacio photos

The things to see in Bonifacio are really several. Such as those tall white cliffs overlooking the sea that have made the town famous worldwide. Obviously, we are talking about the famous Strait of Bonifacio. And before you go to Corsica, you want to see some photos to get an idea of the place you are going to visit.

In this gallery you can see photos of the 7 most beautiful places along the Strait of Bonifacio.


  1. A panoramic photo of Strait of Bonifacio. From this side of the coast, you can see the spectacular white limestone rock, suspended between blue sky and blue sea.
  2. Strait of Bonifacio sea. One of the most beautiful of Corsica.
  3. The base of the cliff. There are specific routes which will allow you to arrive near the sea.
  4. Bonifacio overlooking the cliff. The city is built around a small creek, a sort of fjord, surrounded by white cliffs.
  5. One of the most evocative part of Strait of Bonifacio. This scenario is the most popular and photographed by tourists.
  6. A detail of Bonifacio. The city is built near the edge of the cliff.
  7. The coast of Corsica from Sardinia. Precisely, from Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Moreover, if Strait of Bonifacio is one of the most beautiful places in Corsica, there will be a good reason. And you can see it from these 7 photos.



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