Street food: 5 things to eat during your holiday in Corsica

street food Corsica

There are culinary delicacies in Corsica, to eat comfortably sitting in a restaurant or traditional trattoria. And then there is street food to taste while walking or while you are on the beach under the umbrella. In particular, at least once during your vacation, you have to taste these five things absolutely.

  1. Crepes. You are in French territory so crepes can be found virtually anywhere. And there are, of course, two types: the sweet ones, good for breakfast or snacks, and the slty ones with which to have lunch. You only have to choice.
  2. Quiches. Even though they are spread almost everywhere, this is another French specialty. Quiches are salty pies prepared with brisè pasta and vegetables of various kinds, meat or cheese. Usually, you can buy slices of quiches.
  3. Bastilles. This is stuff for quite strong palates. Bastilles are very particular salty cakes, stuffed with onion, spinach and brocciu (Corsican cheese, produced with goat’s milk or sheep’s milk). It’s pretty rich, we admit it, but it’s also a very special flavor.
  4. Pancakes. Do not expect pancakes as in Italy. Because in Corsica they are made with chestnut flour and are filled with chestnuts and the already mentioned brocciu. Very special, the Corsican pancakes are also a real delight to taste, perhaps at breakfast.
  5. Tarte au brocciu. And this is a fundamental fact: the brocciu is the real king of Corsican street food. With a very intense and determined flavor, it is a cake filled with sweet brocciu cream. It is commonly used as a snack.

These are the specialties of Corsican street food and we can guarantee they will further enrich your vacation. So now there’s nothing left to do: book the ferry trip for Corsica on time.


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