Trip in Calvi, Corsica: discovering the 10 most beautiful places

Calvi what to see

The reputation of a renowned tourist destination has been built since the beginning of the twentieth century. And even today Calvi is a destination that every year, especially in summer, welcomes thousands of visitors. A place where there are so many things to see that will fill your holiday in Corsica.

  1. Cittadella. It is a separate district of Calvi, a very common element also in other cities of Corsica. It rises on a rocky promontory, overlooking the sea of northern Corsica and its walls are ochre-coloured. An ancient and suggestive area, it is characterized by small streets, arched passageways, small outdoor cafes, historic buildings.
  2. Tour du Sel. Built in 1897, it is an ancient and imposing watchtower where the salt was kept (from which it takes its name). It was annexed to the Citadella in 1934.
  3. Pro-cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste. It is located within the Citadella. Dating back to the 13th century and rebuilt in 1570, it is a splendid and imposing example of religious architecture in Baroque style. There are many precious works of art inside.
  4. Marina. An area to visit especially at sunset, when it is possible to admire some of the most beautiful views that Calvi can give to all its visitors: the spectacle of the walls of the citadella painted with Vermilion is simply wonderful.
  5. Église Sainte-Marie-Majeure. This church is also in Baroque style, and is characteristic for the beige and red colours of its façade. Sainte-Marie-Majeure is an important stage of the procession that is held every year during Good Friday.
  6. The beaches. The seabed is low and easy to reach: for a day dedicated entirely to relaxation, Calvi’s beach is ideal, suitable even if you are spending a holiday with children. Also, a short distance away is Algajola, one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica.
  7. Pointe de la Revellata. A few km from Calvi, there is a jagged coastline that keeps intact its wild nature. This coast is characterized by several bays, reachable either by sea or through the tortuous dirt paths. The sea is beautiful.
  8. Grotte des Veaux Marins. It is located near Pointe de la Vella. This suggestive cave is a great idea for a small boat excursion, even rowing.
  9. Ancient Palace of the Genoese governors. It is an ancient building dating back to the 13th century which was used as the seat of the Genoese governors. The building is massive and flanked by a tower. Inside there are several halls and underground cisterns.
  10. Notre Dame de la Serra. Among the things to see there is also this church, a short distance from the town, who faces directly on the Bay of Calvi: one of the most beautiful views of Corsica.

Here’s what to see absolutely during your next holiday in Calvi. And now, there is only one thing left to do: book in time the ferry trip to Corsica.


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