What to see in Ajaccio in one day: the 7 stages of the journey

Ajaccio in one day

You are engaged in tours along the west coast of Corsica. Or you are thinking of visiting the most beautiful cities of Corsica. In both cases, you only have twenty-four hours available, not many. But they will be enough, following this itinerary with what to see in Ajaccio in one day.


The itinerary

  1. Cathedral of Ajaccio. The main place of worship in the city. Mannerist style building, is characteristic for the ocher color of its facade. Its plan is a Latin cross, with a small transept. As you enter, on the right, there is the marble baptismal font where Napoleon Bonaparte was baptized.
  2. Napoleon’s House. It is located in the ancient village of Ajaccio, perhaps the most beautiful part of the city, near the cathedral. Here Napoleon was born and lived his early youth. In the house, now used as a museum, you can see family portraits, antique furniture, refined tapestries, and objects that were used by the Napoleon family in everyday life.
  3. Imperial Chapel of Ajaccio. It is located inside Palazzo Fesch (where the museum of the same name is located, which boasts a very rich collection of paintings and works of art). It was the mausoleum of the Bonaparte family, although Napoleon’s tomb is in Paris.
  4. Citadel of Ajaccio. From the imperial chapel, walking along the promenade, you get to the so-called Cittadella dock, from which you can admire the sea in the distance, and the gulf with boats in shoal or moored just offshore. The Citadel consists of a dungeon (the tallest tower of the castle) and a well-preserved city wall, which represent the remains of the fortification system of Ajaccio.
  5. Napoleonic Museum of the Municipality of Ajaccio. The Ajaccio Town Hall is a beautiful building with typically 1930s architecture. And within it the memory of the Bonaparte family and of the first French emperor is preserved.
  6. Place Foch. It is located in the center of the old city. Immediately recognizable by the statue of Napoleon that stands out in the center, it is one of the most representative places in the city. At Place Foch there are numerous bars, cafes and restaurants where you can taste typical Corsican dishes.
  7. Sanguinaires Islands. If you advance a bit of time, they would be the last leg of this trip to see Ajaccio in a day. There are several boat trips that depart to these islands, known for the castle on the highest tip and unspoiled nature. But above all, from the dock of Ajaccio it is possible to admire at sunset the Sanguinaires Islands which are tinged with red, one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in Corsica.



If you have a little more time to visit the main city of Corsica and the holiday will be held in the summer, then there is another route that you cannot miss: the most beautiful beaches of Ajaccio and surroundings. Marinella, Saint-François and Isolella are just some of the places that will allow you to enjoy a few hours of total relaxation on the edge of a fabulous sea.


How to get

The first thing to do to officially start your holiday in Ajaccio is to book a place on one of the ferries to Corsica. Whether you arrive directly at Ajaccio or you start from one of the other beauty island cities, we advise you to board a car on the ferry, so that you can move freely.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/jeanbaptistem

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