Traditional dishes of Corsica: the taste of this island

traditional dishes in Corsica

Beaches, nature, cities to visit. But there is much more. Tasting the traditional dishes during a holiday in Corsica in another way to discover this island. Corsican cuisine has features in common with Italian and, in particular, Tuscan cuisine.

And here you can find the traditional dishes to taste during a holiday in Corsica:

Azimu – A hish soup prepared with lobster and seafood. It’s a traditional Corsican dish very similar to Italian caciucco (spiced fish soup).

Stufatu – Lasagna prepared with beef, pork and veal.

Pulenta – Polenta (sort of thick porridge made with maize flour) made with chestnut flour. It’s served with brocciu, figatelli, lamb or goat.

Agneau Corse – Famous traditional Corsican dish: it’s roasted lamb prepared with rosemary, potatoes, garlic.

Civet de sanglier – Wild boar cooked in saucepan with carrots, chestnuts, garlic, fennel, and spirit.

Veau aux olive – Veal prepared with olives, onion, herbs, tomatoes.

Cured meats – The most traditional cured meats of Corsica are prisuttu (smoked raw ham), lonzu (pork loin), figatellu (sausage prepared with pork liver), pulpone (a large pork sausage).

Chesses – Among the Corsican cheeses, you have to taste Bleu de Corse (spicy and six months seasoned) and Brocciu (prepared with goat milk or sheep milk).

Fish – A lot of traditional dishes in Corsica are prepared with fish and seafood: oysters, red mullets, trout, shrimps, sea breams.


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