TraghettiPer Corsica Magazine: information, places to see and things to do

TraghettiPer Corsica MagazineAre you looking for good ideas for your next holiday in Corsica? Therefore, TraghettiPer Corsica magazine is the right solution for you: an online source with advice, ideas and suggestions to discover this Mediterranean island.

Five thematic categories that will make you able to find the required information:

News and Information: useful information for your travel, how to move and how to get to the island;

Places to visit: cities, beaches, parks, and also itineraries, the most famous places, the less popular, but beautiful anyway;

Things to do: for a holiday dedicated to sport, relax, nature and culture;

Events and feasts: the most important events and the traditional feasts which light up Corsica all year round;

Curiosities and tipicnesses: little stories and typical dishes which will make your holiday even more special.

All we can do is wish you a good read and, above all, a good journey with TraghettiPer Corsica Magazine.

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