Trail Napoléon 2017: running in the footsteps of the first French emperor

  • Published: 26-04-2017
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Trail Napoléon 2017


There is a special bond between Napoleon and Ajaccio, and it could not be otherwise, since the first French emperor was born in this city. A bond that is remembered every year in a very special way: with the Ajaccio Napoleonic race, which in 2017 will be held on May 14.


The Trail Napoléon

This is the French name of the event. A running race divided into three different specialties, as well as to meet all athletes, from professionals to amateurs:

  • The 43 km;
  • The 23 km;
  • The 10 km.

The area where they will play these three specialties is one of the most evocative of this part of the coast of Corsica: it is, in fact, between the Parata peninsula at the northern end of the Gulf of Ajaccio (facing the Sanguinaires islands) and the statue of Napoleon at the Jardins du Casone.


Not only sport

May 14 is Sunday. Since you have decided to enjoy this race, you should get to the city (one of the most important ports where ferries to Corsica dock) on Friday evening. And you should devote Saturday to visit the main town of the island of beauty.

In fact, in a day in Ajaccio you can see:

  • Cathedral;
  • Napoleon House;
  • Imperial Chapel;
  • Citadel;
  • Napoleonic Museum;
  • Place Foch;
  • Sanguinaires Islands.

You will see again Some of these places during the race.


More information

For more information on the 2017 Trail Napoléon, Napoleon race that takes place every year in the city of Ajaccio (full paths, how to participate, any changes in dates and length of the three specialties), please visit the official event website,


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