Travel idea for Carnival: how about visiting Corsica?

travel idea for Carnival

If you are reading this content, it means you are looking for ideas to treat yourself to a pleasant trip on the occasion of the carnival. And maybe to visit a place where you have not already been, better still if it is a particular destination and that is usually not associated with this winter event. How about Corsica?

Famous for its beaches and its nature, Corsica is a wonderful idea for a holiday even in winter. In particular of the carnival, depending on the day of the year we celebrate, we can suggest four different itineraries.

  1. One day. You’re planning a short vacation, just twenty-four hours. In this case, the destination we suggest is the main town of the island: in fact, in a day in Ajaccio you can see the main attractions, such as the cathedral and the House of Napoleon.
  2. Two days. A classic weekend. Organizing the trip well, an idea could be visit Bonifacio on the first day and in the second take a ferry that, in a short time, will take you to Santa Teresa di Gallura, visiting this part of the north coast of Sardinia.
  3. Three days. In three days you can integrate the first two ideas that we have given you. Following this itinerary: Porto Vecchio on the first day, Bonifacio the second and Ajaccio the third. If this is your choice, we advise you to embark a car on the ferry so that you can move in total freedom.
  4. Four days. There are all the prerequisites for a truly memorable trip. Journey that will take place along the north coast of Corsica: The inevitable stages are Bastia, Saint Florent, Ile-Rousse and Calvi.

A questi quattro itinerari, si deve aggiungere un’ultima idea che rappresenta, per così dire, la ciliegina sulla torta. Di solito, la città di Ajaccio, in occasione del Carnevale, organizza una manifestazione ad hoc, con maschere, sfilate e costumi. Per maggiori informazioni, si rimanda al sito ufficiale della Ville d’Ajaccio,

At these four itineraries, you have to add the last and most beautiful idea. Usually, the city of Ajaccio, on the occasion of the carnival, organizes an ad hoc event, with masks, parades and costumes. For more information, please refer to the official website of the Ville of Ajaccio,


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