A visit to the Bocche di Bonifacio: discover one of the most beautiful places of Corsica

Bocche di Bonifacio

If it’s one of the most beautiful places in Corsica, there must be a reason. A reason you have every intention of discovering during your next vacation on the island of beauty. And for this you need the main information to visit the Bocche di Bonifacio.

How to get

To get to Bonifacio, you have two great possibilities:

  • If you are already in Corsica and you are enjoying a well deserved holiday, Bonifacio can be easily reached by car driving along the T40 (coming from the west coast of Corsica) or along the T10 (coming, in this case, from the east coast of island).
  • If instead, Bonifacio will be the first stage of the holiday, all you have to do is book a place on one of the ferries to Corsica departing from the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura, on the northern coast of Sardinia. The crossing takes about an hour.

Once you get to Bonifacio, all you have to do is get to the port. From here, especially in summer and spring, there are many boat tours that take visitors on a nice tour of the Bocche di Bonifacio, exploring its most fascinating sides.

What awaits you

Now that you know how to get there, do you want some kind of little taste of what awaits you? Here you are satisfied.

  • If you talk about what to see during an excursion to the Bocche di Bonifacio, there are photos that will allow you to get an idea of why they are chosen each year by many visitors.
  • Always by sea, you can also reach two caves: the cave of Saint Antoine and the cave of Sdragonato.
  • At the end, don’t miss the so-called gouvernail de la Corse: it’s a sort of promontory that extends into the sea and for to its particular shape, has earned its name, which means “rudder of Corsica”.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/aura71

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