Corsica: immerse yourself in the nature of Castagniccia region

Castagniccia Corsica

Imagine not a single place but an entire region of Corsica. A large expanse of small hills covered with forests of chestnut trees (hence the name) and dotted with picturesque villages. It is no coincidence that this is one of the most beautiful places of Corsica. And it is not a coincidence that visit Castagniccia is strongly recommended during a holiday in this destination.


Reasons to visit Castagniccia

The region of Castagniccia is divided into three micro-regions: Ampugnani, Orezza and Alisgiani. Where there are the 38 municipalities of the region, places to visit if you want to spend a holiday dedicated solely to relaxation, nature, walking and hiking.


Three places that you cannot miss in Castagniccia:

  • La Porta: it is the capital of Castagniccia and, in a sense, it represents the best that this region can offer to all its visitors.
  • Piedicroce: historically and geographically, this village is the real heart of the ancient region of Castagniccia.
  • Valle-d’Alesani: this place is famous especially for the presence of the Couvent Saint-François.


How to get there

The region of Castagniccia is located in the Central part of Corsica. To get there, take the N198 road to Bastia and then get the D71 road. Be careful because the road has many curves and passes through the mountains of this part of Corsica.


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